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Transcreation & Language Services

Transcreation & Language Services

Transcreation is at the heart of our international implementation process, helping our clients to deliver powerful, locally relevant advertising copy to markets all around the world. A world-leader in transcreation, we understand the importance of striking the right balance between global brand identity and connecting with end-consumers in the local markets. Multicultural teams in each of our offices work with a global network of talent based in their home countries: over 3,000 native experts ranging from bilingual copywriters, copy editors and sector-specific translators to strategic and digital planners, journalists and bloggers. Integrating our production workflows with best-in-class transcreation technology, terminology solutions and talent management means we can optimise both quality and efficiency.

Native Insight

Hogarth’s Native Insight service provides an ear-to-the-ground in markets around the world, bringing together international marketing experience with local truth, to help global brands engage local audiences.

Our methodology allows us to deliver rapid insight to support strategic and creative development at any stage, to serve as a springboard during strategic development, to validate concepts, or to provide cross-cultural and feasibility checks on creative concepts to help avoid costly mistakes.

We work with experienced marketing professionals with a background in agency planning and brand management. In addition to strategic and digital planners, we also work with journalists, bloggers, sociologists, copywriters, typographers, and consumers, depending on the needs of the job.

Cross Cultural Orientation Social Media Monitoring Concept Support & Validation
  • Cross Cultural Orientation

    Take the pulse of local markets and react rapidly to consumer trends.

  • Concept Support & Validation

    Validate concepts and executions at any stage of the creative development.

  • Social Media Monitoring

    Understanding the local interactive landscape and identify audiences and key influencers.