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Hogarth is the world’s leading Creative Production Company.
We produce advertising and marketing content for our clients across all media and all languages. Our creative production expertise coupled with our powerful workflow and asset management technology delivers the very best work in the smartest way.

We are Creative Production Specialists

We believe that creative production and localization are specialist activities that should be managed and delivered by a company that focuses solely on this discipline. Hogarth has led innovation in creative production for the past decade, and through constant investment in talent and technology we give our clients access to the most sophisticated production capabilities in the world.

Science of Implementation

Science of Implementation


We produce all types of advertising and communications across all media. Whatever form advertising takes, we can make it, and we can make it relevant for every market around the world. We work above and below the line, online and in traditional media and from personalised communication to mass advertising. We are fully integrated, we keep our clients at the cutting edge of what’s possible and we do everything to the highest standards. We believe in the craft of making high quality advertising, and we know that the best brands need to represent themselves to their customers in the best way in every media, in every market.

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The cloud-based technology that we have developed in–house enables us to deliver our service around the globe, engaging with clients wherever they are, and delivering assets to clients and media–owners in any country in the world. This brings real process benefits to our clients and makes the whole production cycle as efficient and simple as possible. We provide complete control and visibility of all marketing assets, wherever they are in the world.

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Transcreation & Languages

We don’t treat the translation of advertising as an afterthought, or a problem to solve when the other thinking is finished. We put language at the heart of our international implementation process. We believe that advertising needs skilled copywriting in every language, not simple translation. We understand that the same message may need to be adapted to work in different cultures, and that the quality of the original idea is only as good as its execution in the target market.

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