Creating and Producing Genomma’s First Remote Campaign


Genomma Lab, the largest advertiser in Brazil wanted to launch a brand new product line for their Asepxia brand, but current social distancing restrictions made traditional productions very difficult. 

Genomma Lab
Genomma & Hogarth Brazil
Hogarth Brazil
Hogarth Brazil
Creating and Producing Genomma’s First Remote Campaign

Working in partnership with Hogarth, Genomma were keen to try something new and with the target demographic lending themselves perfectly to the creative idea we were able to engage with the idea of a fully remote shoot.  

Hogarth Brazil brought together the latest in cutting-edge technology with a team of specialists, who put into practice a remote production model that had been developed in the weeks leading up to the shoot. For the Hogarth team, it was important to facilitate an effective, streamlined process before, during and in post production with a high-quality delivery, whilst respecting government guidelines on social distancing and ensuring the safety of all cast and crew involved.

To keep everybody safe, the team sent all the equipment – sanitised and preset with all the necessary technical specification - to the talent. Once the equipment had been configured and was ready to use, the Director & Director of Photography worked with the talent via videoconferencing software in completely different environments to shoot the ad with the client watching on. 

Once all of the footage was shot, the files went into post production, which included editing, colour grading, sound and motion graphics, all carried out remotely. 


Creating and Producing Genomma’s First Remote Campaign

The team captured 5 films for the campaign in just 2 days, producing a number of deliverables. The film and creative process proved to be a success  and is currently being adapted for other markets in the region.

“We are extremely satisfied with the campaign’s outcome, not only because it meets our business needs, but also because it strengthens our brand equity with our target.” 

Carla Marconcini, Marketing Manager – Genomma