Ford Bronco

Reawakening a Ford Legend


Late last year, Ford came to our CGI Centre of Excellence, Burrows, to help with the relaunch of their truly iconic vehicle – the Bronco, a vehicle built for adventure. It was our job to bring it to life, but no one could have predicted a global pandemic, when we took on the project.


Reawakening a Ford Legend

Through a combination of using smaller, more nimble photography teams and conforming to local COVID-19 restrictions, the Burrows team were able to capture inaccessible locations that would be the backdrop for each possible vehicle variant, where it was born to be – in the heart of the wild. The series of 12 environments captured by the photography teams were used to showcase the car’s ‘Built Wild’ capabilities.

Our teams, working remotely were then brought into apply world-class CGI, to bring the vehicles to life within challenging terrains. 


Reawakening a Ford Legend

The final imagery and CGI recently went live across Ford social and digital channels, alongside a suite of additional assets that showcase more than 300 accessories, all capable of personalisation by the end user.

In true Bronco spirit, the team defied the obstacles thrown up by a global pandemic to create a launch worthy of a returning legend.