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We are experts in advertising production. All of our work is produced by our own employees using our own purpose–built facilities. Our infrastructure is designed to maximise efficiency and quality. Hogarth has over 40 broadcast production suites around the world, built to the very highest technical specification. We have a technology infrastructure capable of managing the whole process from brief to delivery. We operate at great volumes, and to the very highest standards. We continually invest in the latest software and ways of working. We automate where possible – but have a strong belief in the craft of production and have outstanding talent in every market. Our clients know that by working with Hogarth, they keep themselves at the forefront of production, with guaranteed quality and consistency.


Hogarth employs hundreds of production designers, artworkers, project managers and quality control managers around the world. We organize them into dedicated production teams focused on a single client or relevant groups of clients to ensure retention of brand knowledge within the team.

Rigorous quality control is key to our production operations and we develop bespoke QC checklists and procedures for each client and brand. Management of all print production on our workflow platform provides our clients with full visibility at each stage of the production process with comprehensive reporting and a full audit trail.

Kimberly-Clark Huggies
North America
The image was created from separate shots. As well as composing the final piece, we changed the colour of the pyjamas and shaped the type to flow realistically on the curved surface of the ribbon. The image was also colour-corrected for overall look and feel.
Trident White
North America
Drawn with zany humor in a retro “cut-paper” style, this concept for a print advertisement harks back with a wink to the 1960s.
Diageo Smirnoff
The Nightlife Exchange panorama was composed of images from a photo shoot combined with others from stock. The cityscape background was carefully composed to be a generic skyline, not identifiable as any specific city.
Images from the photo shoot were composed and colour-corrected to create the wacky gadgets and bizarre inventions in a humorous catalogue called “The Flyer’s Collection”.
Energizer Schick
The image was composed from various sources, including several shots of splashing water. The water effect on the rope was painted by the retoucher, using stock image references.
Diageo Jose Cuervo
Merging the provided image of the Cuervo Especial bottle with in-house shots of spilled liquid, the retoucher created a vision of the bottle emerging from a pool of gold.
Cadbury Trident
The image provided from several separate shoots were merged, then colour-corrected and retouched to create surrealistic (i.e. “realer that real”) scene.
J&J Band-Aid
North America
The image was composed from separate photographic elements. To give the final result a more graphic look, surface details were smoothed out, edges were sharpened and colours were made more vivid.

In-house studios

Hogarth manages in-house studios for a number of advertising agencies and clients around the world. These studios ensure that clients and agencies benefit from Hogarth’s production expertise as well as providing a direct gateway for them to access the wider range of services provided by Hogarth.